01 January 2010

Tony Moly - Return to Age Eye Cream

Packaging: As you can see it comes in a cute little jar. The label is embossed and decorated in a pretty and understated way. The Tony Moly website says this is supposed to be 50 ml, my jar is 30 ml. I did get it as service so that might be why there is a discrepancy in volume.

Appearance/Smell/Texture: It has a light cream color, it has a light scent that is rather neutral. It almost reminds me of a Clinque product. It is a very creamy product that is very good at not being to heavy or too light. I think it is just right, it doesn't leave a greasy residue either. In the picture below I had not rubbed it in, it is just to show what it looks like out of the jar.

Instructions: It's instructions are all in Korean. Like a typical eye cream apply twice daily and let set before applying cosmetics.

Cost: For me it was free, I shop way too much. This was a service item (service is something Korean people give out as free based on the amount you spend). It was the middle service item, but still it was a very good freebie. Price on website and in stores is 13,000 Won.

Rating: I give it a 5/5 it is a very good eye cream and when I finish the jar I will definitely re buy.


katrina said...

hi..i want to ask about Tony Moly Return to Age Skin..what is this for? is this a toner? tnx

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