21 May 2009

Missha The Style Eyeshadow Case and Eyeshadow

Missha sells eyeshadow that is sold prepackaged as well as loose. I like the loose ones because I can create a palette that fits me. I don't like light colors so much but I am warming up to pastels as they are in style here right now.

So I bought the case that held four large and four small ones. It also includes a large mirror for only 5,000 won or about 4 dollars U.S.. So it won't break the bank.

The eye shadows I mixed and matched to make a rather unique palette. Of blue, black, purples and greens.

Top: The blue as you can see below is a very vivid blue a robins blue with a shimmer of green to it up close. The purple is a two set of a light lilac purple with a deeper purple they have a light pink shimmer to them. The orange has a light peach and a light orange with a fine white shimmer. And the green is a dark khaki green with a fine green shimmer. The blue and green cost 3,500 won the purple and peach cost 4,200 each. Very reasonable.

Bottom: The black has a silver shimmer added to it and I tend to use it as an eyeliner. The purple has pink/purple shimmer added to it. The green has fine green shimmer to it, it is rather lovely it just didn't photograph that way. The last is a pale green with a fine gold shimmer added to in, it is a really lovely pale color. The bottom row only cost 1,500 won each.

So all in all my palette cost 26,400 or about 21 dollars which is rather high but I got 10 colors out of it and I didn't have to waste space with colors I didn't like or want. I give these eyeshadows and palette a 4.8/5. I rated it a little lower because of the cost.

Missha Cleansing Cream Foam Three Set

I love Missha they are so cheap and they always have something on sale. So on Friday I popped in to help my friend do some shopping and did some myself. While I was checking out I saw a three pack of something behind the checkout girl and I was like how much is it? She said 5,300 won, hum only like 4.20 U.S. so I took it.

It was a three pack of face cleansers they are Aloe, Lemon and Pomegranate. Each contains 120 grams of cleanser. They have some pretty packaging with photos and fun Korean writing. Most of Mishha's items have English and Korean but this has only Korean. I don't really care one way or the other but it is nice to have English sometimes.

I used the pomegranate one because that was the one that was the one that fit my mood. Plus I thought the lemon was quince and I really didn't want to put that on my face. It is a very creamy rich foam cleanser and it left my skin feeling clean but not stripped.

I rate this product a 6/5 why? Because it was so cheap and such a great cleansing foam. Also I'm a sucker for a good cleanser.

19 May 2009

Nature Republic - Soap Wort Water Selection

So I wanted to review a new makeup company that I stumbled upon on Friday, well in truth I stumbled upon two I'm just haven't tried any of the other companies products that I bought yet.

So I love cleansers but normally I stick to two or three and rotate between them. But my skin has changed since I moved here and it is a little drier now, yay! So I decided to try a cleansing cream which I have always been a little scared of the word cream. It just sounds nasty and thick, but to my surprise I loved this product.

It was so light and fluffy and so divinely scented that I forgot my fear of cream. Also avocado and lime was something that I miss eating so killing two birds with one stone. It was a life changing moment for me, I usually stick to my guns when I make a decision.

But boy am I glad I changed my mind this once. I rate it a 5/5 for cleaning power, lovely feeling skin, and lovely scent. It cost me 5,800 won or about 4.60 U.S. a lovely price to go with it.

16 May 2009

Missha Hot Burning - Part 3 - Body Patch

The Body Patch the last step in the process, some might think this is optional but it is for areas with a high fat concentration.

Package ingredients:
Bitter orange extract, caffeine, peppermint oil, and capsaicin.

Rip open pouch remove two patches and remove backing apply to dry areas to remove cellulite and fatty deposits (works for 8 hours).

Contains 16 x 2 patches, for more enhanced cool feeling store in refrigerator before use.


I applied the two patches to my stomach, I thought about doing my butt but in the end I didn't really want them stuck on my ass. So I liked how they really stick on where you apply also they have a pleasant peppermint smell. Some people might think they are a lot like Icy Hot patches.

I have hope these will work if nothing else I stuck a patch on for nothing but they are rather cheap and I go two for free with purchase of the gel and scrub so I'm not out anything if they don't work.

I give them a 5/5 because they are pleasant and cooling and I don't feel annoyed by them. Price for the 1 pack (containing 2 patches) is 3,000 Won so around 2.40 U.S. isn't an unreasonable price to pay if it makes you a little thinner in the process. UPDATE: I did see a reduction in my stomach area. YAY!

Missha Hot Burning - Part 2 - Body Gel

Part two lets start off with packing information and directions.

Body shaping gel for streamlined body silhouette. Sounds nice....

Bitter Orange extract , caffein (I'm thinking caffeine?), menthol, and capsaicin. It gives you a cooling after effect and helps design your body line by adding elasticity to the skin with healing effect.

Apply an appropriate amount to dry areas to reduce cellulite and fatty deposit by massaging it in. (I edited it as it was Konglish) For a better effect use morning and night and exercise after applying. In summer if you want an increased cooling effect keep in refrigerated.

*skin redness may appear but this normal.

Volume 200 ml

My review:

So I used the body scrub and then dried off and waited like 15 minutes before applying this gel. I have to say I didn't feel the heat but it sure was cold, I was really cold. So I actually wrapped up in a blanket for a half hour before I got dressed I was that cold and it was 70 here today and I didn't have the air conditioner on.

I do think that would make it rather pleasant to wear it in the summer but today it was a little to much, I am hot natured so normally I don't really worry about the cold. I never really did feel hot, it was more of a warmth at times so it was pleasant and comfortable. So after the coldness went away I didn't mind the gel, I will say this was not enough to make me hate this product.

I wore the product all day and went out shopping, I was aware at times that I felt like I was sweating but I just brushed the thought off it wasn't that hot. Well I was sweating, as I discovered when I went home to change for bed. And it wasn't a little it was a lot, I had to wipe myself down. So that was a little gross but at the same time I know the product worked.

I give it 5/5 despite the coldness and the sweat, at 9,000 won it is about 7.20 U.S.

So the price is right the product appears to be working I will keep you updated about how it is going over time.

Missha Hot Burning - Part 1 - Salt Body Scrub

This part 1 of a set of body products from my current favorite store Missha. Hot Burning is used to help reduce and remove cellulite with heat and cold.

Salt Body Scrub is the first step in the process.

Box Information:
Contains bitter orange extract, peppermint, tourmaline, caffeine, menthol and capsaicin. It gives a cooling after feel and helps design your body line by adding elasticity to the skin with heating effect.

Directions for use:
1. Apply an appropriate amount on wet skin, gently massage in a drawing circle motion (circular motion) then remove with water.
2. 5 - 10 minutes after shower apply gel on body for a better affect (sorry it was Kongrish so I rephrased it in English).
3. Use 2 -3 times a week

Do not use on sensitive skin (face, and lady or men parts). Also do not use on cut skin or after shaving. Keep cap clean to prevent clogs with salt residue.
Skin redness may appear after use and is normal with a salt scrub.

My review:

I really liked this product it is a fun pink and the salt is the right size to make it a nice scrub, I really liked the cooling affect and the smell of the product. The smell might be a tad strong for those who don't like strongly scented products, it smells like peppermint and musk.

I give it 5/5. Good value for the price 11,000 won around 8.70 U.S.

03 May 2009

Missha Dot Blending Shadow in GR 01

I really like green right now if you couldn't tell, lol. This is a beautiful eyeshadow that is a mix of blue, yellow, green and gold. It is a beautiful color in the little case, normally Missha doesn't sell eyeshadow in cases so I really like this one for that. Instead they tend to sell really cheap loose pans and pretty cases. I plan on buying some of those soon.

This comes in a gold pan with a clear case. Very simple but elegant packaging, you do have the option of taking this out of the case and recaseing it.

Here is the swatch as you can see it becomes a lovely green with gold flecks in it a truly lovely color to wear in the Spring. I paid 8,000 Won for it which is about $6.30 U.S. a very reasonable price.

Missha Dual Eye Tip GR 01

I was shopping yesterday at the 2001 Outlet (also called Kim club) and noticed a store I had not shopped in before Missha. I liked their products as well as the price. One of my coworkers did tell me they maybe are going bankrupt but I'm not really sure.

This is an eyeliner and eyeshadow duo in a light green. A lot of companies in Korea are doing pastel colors for spring, I usually don't wear pastels but when in Rome.

And here are the swatches the darker color is the eyeliner the lighter the shadow.

I do wish the shadow was a little darker but everyone told me how beautiful this was when I wore it to work. I paid around 4,200 won for this so it was a steal at around $3.30 U.S.. The U.S. ones cost $10 each, what a price increase.