02 January 2010

Skin Food - Orange Nail Remover Jelly

Packaging: Comes in a clear plastic squishy container. 

Information: A jelly nail polish remover.

Appearance/Smell/Texture: Jelly like but can be runny if too much is used.  Has the scent of oranges thrown in with typical nail polish remover scent.  It has a light orange color with orange balls floating within the jelly.

Instructions: Skin Food's products are normally English and Korean.  Two ways to use this product according to the bottle, I use another method. 1. Apply a small amount directly on the nail, then rub with cotton pad to remove color.  2. Put a small amount on cotton pad and wipe nail color off. 3. (My way) Put a small amount on nail (enough to cover the whole nail, then wait about 30 seconds and wipe color off, wait until you notice discoloration of the polish before wiping off.

Cost: Not sure, have had product for some time.  Sorry, couldn't have been much more than cost of normal nail polish remover.

Rating: I love this product it is very good at removing polish and also leaves nails feeling natural.  No dryness with this product.  5/5.


meipinggg said...

Just curious but, does the product have any acetone in it? O:

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