01 January 2010

Tony Moly - Aroma Rose - Pack/Wash Off

Packaging: It comes in a light pink plastic jar with a lighter pink lid. The description is in English on the lid.

Information: You can either use this as a pack that you let absorb into the skin or as a wash off type face product. Depends on your preferences.

Appearance/Smell/Texture: It is a light pink gel with an overpowering smell of roses. I can't stand to use this product it has a really strong smell. It's texture is light and fluffy. It would be a great product if it toned down the scent.

Instructions: It's instructions are all in Korean. But either leave on until absorbed or wash off after 15 or 20 minutes.

Cost: I recieved it free with purchase. Otherwise it is 5,800 won in stores or on the website. You get 100 ml of product.

Rating: Way too strong a scent. 1/5.


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