01 January 2010

Tony Moly - Fresh Aqua Watery Cream

Packaging: It comes in a blue and white sparkly glass jar. With a blue and chrome lid.

Information: This is a moisturizer that can be used for day or night. It is water based and very light. It is intended for sensitive or problematic skin.

Appearance/Smell/Texture: It is very light and cool, it goes on and absorbs very quickly. It has a light perfumed smell, with citrus tones.

Instructions: It's instructions are all in Korean. But like all moisturizers apply after cleansing and before makeup application. Wait for 5 or 10 minutes before putting on makeup or it might make your foundation or power look strange.

Cost: In stores and on the website 14,000 won. When I bought it was on sale for 12,000 won with a free Aroma Rose pack. Which I shall review next.

Rating: I like this product because it is not heavy and absorbs really quickly. Also I had never used moisturizer before moving to Korea so this is a very good product for someone who is just starting out too. I give it a 5/5.


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