02 January 2010

Etude House - Tear Drop Liner

Packaging: Clear plastic base with a shimmery peach stem/applicator.

Information: This product is an eyeliner, it is meant to highlight the eye area.  I would not wear if you are having under eye circles that day as it draw attention to them.

Appearance/Smell/Texture: This product looks very silvery white in the bottle and it is on but what you can kind of see from the picture below is a hint of the very small fine glitter. The glitter is silver, red and green.  It makes for a beautiful combination.  It has no smell (thankfully) and is has a very cool and refreshing texture when applied.

Instructions: Pick one eye to start. Apply as closely to the eyelashes as possible starting from the inner eye all the way to the outer eye.  You can either do it in one or several applications, then let dry.  I do the other eye while one dries.  If desired layer another layer or extend the existing layer.  You can also apply to the lower lid.

Rating:  This product can be difficult to use a first, but I really like it when I am going out.  4.8/5


Annabelle said...

happened to chance upon ur blog while looking for reviews on missha hot burning body patch and i see that you do review for it. Wanna ask you, do i need to use the body scrub , body gel prior to using the patch ? can i just use the patch alone?

Wendy Ayche said...

Lovely blog :)!
Much love,

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