02 January 2010

Castledew - Castledew Color Shot Eyes (4 colors) - Number 6

Packaging: Top is a mirrored plastic with logo imprinted, bottom is clear plastic with silver sparkles embedded.

Information: Four shades in this compact. From left to right: Bloom Yellow, Bloom Pure Pink, Bloom Mint, Bloom Brown. While this quad appears glittery, it is actually just the top layer of the eyeshadow.  These are more of a soft pastel shimmer collection.

Appearance/Smell/Texture: The eye shadows are stamped with a quilted pattern, no apparent smell, and the texture is smooth.

Cost: Not too sure, I bought a discount store and had quite a few purchases.  Sorry, I should keep better track.

Rating: A little too soft for what I normally wear, I prefer darker colors. But I enjoy wearing this to work as it is cool and very feminine collection.  4.5/5


TaTa said...

I randomly stumbled across your blog and I love it! I am really into Korean products so it's nice to see what's out there on the other side of the world hehe :) I've never tried Castle Dew palettes but they look so pretty! Love the packaging and those colours are very unique, very different to what I normal wear (I'mma neutrals girl). Looking forward to reading more posts :)

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