15 February 2010

Skin Food - Sweet Plumping Lip Gloss - Number 5

I will add pictures as soon as my camera has finished charging! Sorry.

Packaging: Comes in a cute long heart shape with a silver long applicator.  It is a cute and very adorable packaging.  It does not stand on it's on because the tip is pointed. 

Information: From the back of container:  Lip gloss with luminous base and sparkling pearls to make full, voluminous lips.

Appearance/Smell/Texture: It is a light pink which comes out looking mostly sheer when it is applied.  It has some light pink glitter that is very small in texture, it is not noticeable when applied. It has a very light and sweet smell. It doesn't have a tacky texture.

Instructions: None.

Cost: For 10 ml, 6,500\. 

Rating/Overall Impressions: I like this product, but it is not by far the best lip gloss that I have ever used.  I doubt I would buy again, or even in other colors.  It just doesn't make me want to have them all I would rather use Castledew, or even Tony Moly.  So for those reasons I give this product a 2/5.  It's okay price and quality wise but I would rather pay a little bit more and get a far better product.

13 January 2010

Skin79 - Super+ Perfection - Super Plus Beblesh Balm - Triple Function

Packaging: A brushed silver tube with a dark chrome lid.

Information: Triple protection: whitening, wrinkle improvement, and UV A & B SPF 25 PA++. 

Appearance/Smell/Texture: A light beige color, I do not detect any scent from this product, the texture is smooth and clean.  As you can see below the swatch it blends perfectly. 

Instructions: Apply appropriate amount, and then pat into skin softly.  Also apply powder to control oiliness afterward.

Cost: Bought from Gmarket for 25,000 won or $23 dollars but further discounted to 19,900 won or about $18.30.  I also got free shipping since I live in Korea.  Came with a free gift I picked highlighter balls but ended up with a compact, not a big deal.

Rating: 5/5

Skin79 - The Oriental - Total Power Cream

Packaging: A clear glass jar with the inner part of the jar painted gold and a gold reflective lid. It has a simple classic look to it, a beautiful addition to any makeup collection. 

Information: For wrinkle improvement.  Controls fine lines with Adenosine and keeps skin more resilient with the oriental tea blending ingredients including white, black, and green tea.  Protect and keep skin moisturized with caviar extract and aloe vera forming a water layer.  And keep skin more radiant and revitalized it by soothing exhausted skin. (from packaging).

Appearance/Smell/Texture: An off white  cream that is rich in texture, has a light smell that is very pleasant.  It is the best moisturizer I have ever used (I haven't used many) it absorbs quickly and leaves skin very soft. 

Instructions:Apply a proper amount to the entire face as the last step before makeup application.  You should wait a few minutes before applying makeup so that it has had a chance to soak in.

Cost: Bought off gmarket will post about price as it is part of a package.

Rating: 5/5 a great buy.

Skin79 - The Oriental - Shimmering BB Cream

Packaging: A beautiful lilac purple tube with gold cap and push button.  Also a nice quality brush applicator.

Information: Contains green, black and white tea; nano vita silk and silk amino acid. If you would like more information on ingredients let me know. 

Appearance/Smell/Texture: It is a very light bb cream that is very shimmery.  It has a light smell, not really sure what it is, it is not unpleasant or overbearing.  Very silky and soft texture that is not heavy.

Picture with flash.

Instructions: After base cosmetics application, at the make-up stage, press pump until some bb cream is visible (be careful or you will have a lot) gently spread along cheek, forehead, nose and chin. Lightly finish by patting into skin.  If used for a highlighter it is recommended that you put it on your hand and lightly apply.

Cost: Bought off of gmarket from skin79 as a set, best way to get a good deal. I will add a screen shot of that in a later post.  It was not too expensive and it is one of the best quality items I have bought.  5/5

Picture without flash normal house lighting.


02 January 2010

Etude House - Tear Drop Liner

Packaging: Clear plastic base with a shimmery peach stem/applicator.

Information: This product is an eyeliner, it is meant to highlight the eye area.  I would not wear if you are having under eye circles that day as it draw attention to them.

Appearance/Smell/Texture: This product looks very silvery white in the bottle and it is on but what you can kind of see from the picture below is a hint of the very small fine glitter. The glitter is silver, red and green.  It makes for a beautiful combination.  It has no smell (thankfully) and is has a very cool and refreshing texture when applied.

Instructions: Pick one eye to start. Apply as closely to the eyelashes as possible starting from the inner eye all the way to the outer eye.  You can either do it in one or several applications, then let dry.  I do the other eye while one dries.  If desired layer another layer or extend the existing layer.  You can also apply to the lower lid.

Rating:  This product can be difficult to use a first, but I really like it when I am going out.  4.8/5

Etude House - Lipstick

Packaging: Light pink lid with a darker pink base.

Information: Color is Pink 04.

Appearance/Smell/Texture: A light rose pink with small pink glitter.  It has a light pleasant scent. It has a smooth and light texture.

Cost: Once again not sure, bought it in the store.

Rating: Love this color it looks really good with my complexion and is a nice lipstick that has good staying power. 5/5

Castledew - Castledew Color Shot Eyes (4 colors) - Number 6

Packaging: Top is a mirrored plastic with logo imprinted, bottom is clear plastic with silver sparkles embedded.

Information: Four shades in this compact. From left to right: Bloom Yellow, Bloom Pure Pink, Bloom Mint, Bloom Brown. While this quad appears glittery, it is actually just the top layer of the eyeshadow.  These are more of a soft pastel shimmer collection.

Appearance/Smell/Texture: The eye shadows are stamped with a quilted pattern, no apparent smell, and the texture is smooth.

Cost: Not too sure, I bought a discount store and had quite a few purchases.  Sorry, I should keep better track.

Rating: A little too soft for what I normally wear, I prefer darker colors. But I enjoy wearing this to work as it is cool and very feminine collection.  4.5/5

Skin Food - Orange Nail Remover Jelly

Packaging: Comes in a clear plastic squishy container. 

Information: A jelly nail polish remover.

Appearance/Smell/Texture: Jelly like but can be runny if too much is used.  Has the scent of oranges thrown in with typical nail polish remover scent.  It has a light orange color with orange balls floating within the jelly.

Instructions: Skin Food's products are normally English and Korean.  Two ways to use this product according to the bottle, I use another method. 1. Apply a small amount directly on the nail, then rub with cotton pad to remove color.  2. Put a small amount on cotton pad and wipe nail color off. 3. (My way) Put a small amount on nail (enough to cover the whole nail, then wait about 30 seconds and wipe color off, wait until you notice discoloration of the polish before wiping off.

Cost: Not sure, have had product for some time.  Sorry, couldn't have been much more than cost of normal nail polish remover.

Rating: I love this product it is very good at removing polish and also leaves nails feeling natural.  No dryness with this product.  5/5.

01 January 2010

Tony Moly - Aroma Rose - Pack/Wash Off

Packaging: It comes in a light pink plastic jar with a lighter pink lid. The description is in English on the lid.

Information: You can either use this as a pack that you let absorb into the skin or as a wash off type face product. Depends on your preferences.

Appearance/Smell/Texture: It is a light pink gel with an overpowering smell of roses. I can't stand to use this product it has a really strong smell. It's texture is light and fluffy. It would be a great product if it toned down the scent.

Instructions: It's instructions are all in Korean. But either leave on until absorbed or wash off after 15 or 20 minutes.

Cost: I recieved it free with purchase. Otherwise it is 5,800 won in stores or on the website. You get 100 ml of product.

Rating: Way too strong a scent. 1/5.

Tony Moly - Fresh Aqua Watery Cream

Packaging: It comes in a blue and white sparkly glass jar. With a blue and chrome lid.

Information: This is a moisturizer that can be used for day or night. It is water based and very light. It is intended for sensitive or problematic skin.

Appearance/Smell/Texture: It is very light and cool, it goes on and absorbs very quickly. It has a light perfumed smell, with citrus tones.

Instructions: It's instructions are all in Korean. But like all moisturizers apply after cleansing and before makeup application. Wait for 5 or 10 minutes before putting on makeup or it might make your foundation or power look strange.

Cost: In stores and on the website 14,000 won. When I bought it was on sale for 12,000 won with a free Aroma Rose pack. Which I shall review next.

Rating: I like this product because it is not heavy and absorbs really quickly. Also I had never used moisturizer before moving to Korea so this is a very good product for someone who is just starting out too. I give it a 5/5.

Tony Moly - Appletox - Smooth Massage Peeling Cream

Packaging: It comes in an adorable green apple shaped container. With a little stem sticking up to hold the leaf shaped directions and product information. Really cute and clever.

Information: This product is used to smooth and peel away dead skin by letting the product sit for a few minutes then massaging the product off. It is not a very clean method ladies and gentlemen, so when I use this product I put it on before my shower and remove in the shower. Otherwise you will get it all over your shirt.

Appearance/Smell/Texture: It is a white thick cream with a hint of apple smell. It is not an overpowering product with it's scent.

Instructions: It's instructions are all in Korean. So I was to lazy to translate but the girl at the store gave me some basic instructions. First put a thin layer of the cream on your skin, a little thinner then below. It should be white but you should be able to see through it. Then let sit until it is almost dry, about 10 or 15 minutes, may take longer in humid climates. Do not leave on longer then 20 or 30 minutes. Then go to the sink or shower and try to rub off, if product is not rubbing off or is irritating the skin use a few drops of water. Rub until all product is off, then wash your face. And you are all finished. *I would be very careful with this product if you have sensitive skin, I think this product is not intended for sensitive skin, it makes me a little red sometimes after use.* I would use this product at night.

Cost: In stores and on the website 8,800 for 80 grams. I paid 7,000 for it.

Rating: It is a good product and helps you have cleaner smoother skin, but I would be careful with sensitive skin. I really love this product so I give it a 5/5.

Tony Moly - Tomato Brightening Pack

Packaging: As you can see it comes in a cute little tomato shaped jar. When I was shopping it really caught my eye, because it was so red and very cute. So I had to buy it.

Information: This product is used to brighten the appearance of your face, it does so by removing dead skin. I don't have sensitive skin but this product does seem mild to me. You will look more youthful and glowing after use. This is not a whitening product.

Appearance/Smell/Texture: It is white with small red colored balls. It's scent is slightly tomato with a hint of cucumber. It has a creamy texture that is not very heavy.

Instructions: It's instructions are all in Korean. But I took the time to translate them. Skin should be dry before using this product, then take the product and smooth out a thin layer. It should be white like below but not as thick as the the upper one I had not rubbed in yet. It should look more like the lower part. In the store they have the model with a very thick layer on, but you don't need to use that much. Leave on at least 5 minutes, I leave on ten or twenty. Then rinse off using a circle motion. I actually use a sponge face cleaner to remove. Then I always wash my face to make sure I get it off.

Cost: 7,800 Won for 70 grams of product. I got a discount so my final price was 7,000 Won.

Rating: I really love this product it makes you look so good, I have just been really sick but my skin looks fabulous because of it. I would give it a 5/5 the cost isn't too high and it really is a great product.

Tony Moly - Return to Age Eye Cream

Packaging: As you can see it comes in a cute little jar. The label is embossed and decorated in a pretty and understated way. The Tony Moly website says this is supposed to be 50 ml, my jar is 30 ml. I did get it as service so that might be why there is a discrepancy in volume.

Appearance/Smell/Texture: It has a light cream color, it has a light scent that is rather neutral. It almost reminds me of a Clinque product. It is a very creamy product that is very good at not being to heavy or too light. I think it is just right, it doesn't leave a greasy residue either. In the picture below I had not rubbed it in, it is just to show what it looks like out of the jar.

Instructions: It's instructions are all in Korean. Like a typical eye cream apply twice daily and let set before applying cosmetics.

Cost: For me it was free, I shop way too much. This was a service item (service is something Korean people give out as free based on the amount you spend). It was the middle service item, but still it was a very good freebie. Price on website and in stores is 13,000 Won.

Rating: I give it a 5/5 it is a very good eye cream and when I finish the jar I will definitely re buy.

31 July 2009

Tony Moly - Fashionista - Lip & Eye Collection (Brown)

I normally don't like cream shadows because they tend to crease quite badly. But I was pleasantly surprised by how well this shadow held up, it didn't crease and it lasted all night long.

It comes in the classic black and silver box that is typical of the Party Lover line. When you pull it out you will notice that it is rather small and compact, one really great feature they added was magnets. My other eyeshadow/compact duo does not have that feature and while I love it I would never take it in my purse, nothing like powder on all your stuff to ruin your day.

The next level is four eye shadows as you can see below. A brown, copper, pink and white/highlighter. Sorry the picture is a little blurry, but I was in a hurry to leave that night and I wanted to take pictures before I used it. They are a really nice selection of colors, light and dark so you can play around with mixing and create new colors. As I said above they don't crease which is hard to find in a cream shadow.

In the lip tray you have a base (white), gloss with a light glitter (big light pink on left) a dark wine color with dark red sparkles, and nice pink color with light pink glitter. The glitter is not chunky. I actually prefer to mix the two shades for a nice going out shade.

I really like this product, great value for your money. I have no clue what I paid but I want to say it wasn't over 12,000 won? But I'm not sure, I give it a 5/5.

Tony Moly -Bubble Foam Cleanser- Three pack

I love Tony Moly and it doesn't help that when I go grocery shopping I have to pass a small shop on the first floor to make it to the escalator to the grocery section on the second floor. I have an addiction I try to avoid shopping too much, I don't think I succeed.

But that's ok I admit I have a problem and I look beautiful while I do. Lol, anyways I love cleansers and I adore ones that bubble. Bubble cleansers are usually nice and fluffy. These met that important feature. I've only used the Honey one and I'm sending my sister the Rice one, he he. When I'm finished with the Honey I will move on to Blueberry. Sounds tasty.

I really think this is a great cleanser, I've not had any problems with any Tony Moly product, the packaging is always cute and they always give me tons of freebies. I rate it 5/5 I think I paid around 14,000 but I'm not sure I have had this for over a month I've just been busy with work and life to post.

UPDATE: The honey had a light and sweet scent, blueberry was very fruity and sweet smelling, and the rice is a rather neutral scent.