01 January 2010

Tony Moly - Appletox - Smooth Massage Peeling Cream

Packaging: It comes in an adorable green apple shaped container. With a little stem sticking up to hold the leaf shaped directions and product information. Really cute and clever.

Information: This product is used to smooth and peel away dead skin by letting the product sit for a few minutes then massaging the product off. It is not a very clean method ladies and gentlemen, so when I use this product I put it on before my shower and remove in the shower. Otherwise you will get it all over your shirt.

Appearance/Smell/Texture: It is a white thick cream with a hint of apple smell. It is not an overpowering product with it's scent.

Instructions: It's instructions are all in Korean. So I was to lazy to translate but the girl at the store gave me some basic instructions. First put a thin layer of the cream on your skin, a little thinner then below. It should be white but you should be able to see through it. Then let sit until it is almost dry, about 10 or 15 minutes, may take longer in humid climates. Do not leave on longer then 20 or 30 minutes. Then go to the sink or shower and try to rub off, if product is not rubbing off or is irritating the skin use a few drops of water. Rub until all product is off, then wash your face. And you are all finished. *I would be very careful with this product if you have sensitive skin, I think this product is not intended for sensitive skin, it makes me a little red sometimes after use.* I would use this product at night.

Cost: In stores and on the website 8,800 for 80 grams. I paid 7,000 for it.

Rating: It is a good product and helps you have cleaner smoother skin, but I would be careful with sensitive skin. I really love this product so I give it a 5/5.


Xiao Vee said...

i think i should try this :)) thanks for sharing

Anonymous said...

Do you know a good place to buy where they ship korean products to the US? I have been told that the same products on Amazon are overpriced.
Thank you.

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