13 January 2010

Skin79 - The Oriental - Total Power Cream

Packaging: A clear glass jar with the inner part of the jar painted gold and a gold reflective lid. It has a simple classic look to it, a beautiful addition to any makeup collection. 

Information: For wrinkle improvement.  Controls fine lines with Adenosine and keeps skin more resilient with the oriental tea blending ingredients including white, black, and green tea.  Protect and keep skin moisturized with caviar extract and aloe vera forming a water layer.  And keep skin more radiant and revitalized it by soothing exhausted skin. (from packaging).

Appearance/Smell/Texture: An off white  cream that is rich in texture, has a light smell that is very pleasant.  It is the best moisturizer I have ever used (I haven't used many) it absorbs quickly and leaves skin very soft. 

Instructions:Apply a proper amount to the entire face as the last step before makeup application.  You should wait a few minutes before applying makeup so that it has had a chance to soak in.

Cost: Bought off gmarket will post about price as it is part of a package.

Rating: 5/5 a great buy.


Ami_Shirou said...

Hi! I bought this cream but didn't use it yet. I read on the box that it has mineral oil. It gives you blackhead/clogs? Because my T-zone is oily and I'm afraid of it. And inside the box is white? Because BB cream's box has instructions and logos inside, and I think it is strange this cream's box be white.

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