13 January 2010

Skin79 - The Oriental - Shimmering BB Cream

Packaging: A beautiful lilac purple tube with gold cap and push button.  Also a nice quality brush applicator.

Information: Contains green, black and white tea; nano vita silk and silk amino acid. If you would like more information on ingredients let me know. 

Appearance/Smell/Texture: It is a very light bb cream that is very shimmery.  It has a light smell, not really sure what it is, it is not unpleasant or overbearing.  Very silky and soft texture that is not heavy.

Picture with flash.

Instructions: After base cosmetics application, at the make-up stage, press pump until some bb cream is visible (be careful or you will have a lot) gently spread along cheek, forehead, nose and chin. Lightly finish by patting into skin.  If used for a highlighter it is recommended that you put it on your hand and lightly apply.

Cost: Bought off of gmarket from skin79 as a set, best way to get a good deal. I will add a screen shot of that in a later post.  It was not too expensive and it is one of the best quality items I have bought.  5/5

Picture without flash normal house lighting.



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