20 June 2009

Missha - Procure 365 Hair Mist - Fresh Flower and Sweet Fruits -

I'm always looking for some new perfume mist and I really liked these when I found them. They are made for hair. But I also use them to give a little scent to my clothes. They come in three scents Sweet Fruits, Fresh Flower and Green Aqua. I didn't buy Green Aqua because I didn't really like the scent. They come in cute little spray bottles in orange, pink and green.

I have used sweet fruits for some time and it is almost gone so when I went to Missha the other day and I decided to try out fresh flower. They are both nice scents that completely remove the smell of smoke and other smells one might pick up on day to day life.

They cost 3,800 won each or about $3 U.S.
5/5 they are a nice product and they don't break the bank.


Anila Faruk said...

The fragrance stays on hairs? M basically looking for any good hair fragrance

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