20 June 2009

Missha - M Vita B.B. Cream SPF 20

I just adore B.B. Creams they were what was missing out of my life in the United States. I have to say if I was ever to leave Korea I would be really sad.

So I decided to try out one of Missha's B.B. Creams, it can be hard to find one that matches my light skin tone. Also I prefer something light and not too heavy as I have really great skin with just an occasional blemish.

From the box:
Missha M Vita B.B. Cream with skin protection,moisturizing effects, covering effects as well as UV protection relieves you from extra makeup, and contains natural extracts that offer natural soothing effects for sensitive skin. Nano vita complex, a vitamin complex, enhances skin's vitality; and ATC complex, a skin soothing ingredient, helps protect skin.
From the tube:
It contains 7 essential vitamin complexes derived from natural ingredients that help to improve the skin. Also it is multi-functional and convenient to use to moisturize, protect, and correct skin tone and block harmful UV rays.

Directions: After basic skin care, apply an appropriate amount evenly to the skin according to skin complexion and finish with powder. For enhanced covering effects use foundation after B.B. Cream.

So I felt like this product had a lot to offer and it does deliver as promised. It evens out my tone and makes me look like I'm not even wearing makeup, it is light so as to not make you feel weight down. Also I like how well it matches that it just blends in with no problems. It only comes in one color so if it doesn't match unfortunately you are out of luck.

As you can see it blends in and gives you a sort of glow, as you can see on the edges I didn't finish blending to give you an idea of what color this is by it's self. I unfortunately will have to add that swatch of the foundation later I forgot about it. It is a great B.B. Cream my favorite so far.

So what do I rate it 5/5 at 11,800 Won it is about 9 dollar U.S. which is not bad for what a great quality product it is.


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