21 May 2009

Missha The Style Eyeshadow Case and Eyeshadow

Missha sells eyeshadow that is sold prepackaged as well as loose. I like the loose ones because I can create a palette that fits me. I don't like light colors so much but I am warming up to pastels as they are in style here right now.

So I bought the case that held four large and four small ones. It also includes a large mirror for only 5,000 won or about 4 dollars U.S.. So it won't break the bank.

The eye shadows I mixed and matched to make a rather unique palette. Of blue, black, purples and greens.

Top: The blue as you can see below is a very vivid blue a robins blue with a shimmer of green to it up close. The purple is a two set of a light lilac purple with a deeper purple they have a light pink shimmer to them. The orange has a light peach and a light orange with a fine white shimmer. And the green is a dark khaki green with a fine green shimmer. The blue and green cost 3,500 won the purple and peach cost 4,200 each. Very reasonable.

Bottom: The black has a silver shimmer added to it and I tend to use it as an eyeliner. The purple has pink/purple shimmer added to it. The green has fine green shimmer to it, it is rather lovely it just didn't photograph that way. The last is a pale green with a fine gold shimmer added to in, it is a really lovely pale color. The bottom row only cost 1,500 won each.

So all in all my palette cost 26,400 or about 21 dollars which is rather high but I got 10 colors out of it and I didn't have to waste space with colors I didn't like or want. I give these eyeshadows and palette a 4.8/5. I rated it a little lower because of the cost.


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