20 June 2009

Missha - Facial Choco Cacao Scrub

I really like chunky scrubs because they are great at removing blackheads and other pore clogging material. Also they help remove dead skin cells and leave your face feeling smooth and clean.

I really like chocolate because it's so yummy. So when I saw that Missha had a chocolate scrub I knew I had to buy it. It comes in a nice heavy glass jar that looks classy, I hate really cheap looking packaging.

As you can see the scrub is nice and thick and it has visible granules of sugar. It has a simply delicious scent of really good chocolate. I have to admit that I even licked it a little as the jar says edible, it tastes great too. But I'm not going to eat anymore this is for beauty use only from now on.

After I scrubbed about a quarter size drop on to my face I let it sit for a minute or so then I wet it down a little as it is a rather dry mixture and when to town scrubbing. The mixture lacks the usual heavy oil that most companies add to scrubs of this kind here in Korea. After I dried my face I was amazed at how soft my skin felt and how clean. I still followed it up with a cleansing foam just to make sure I didn't leave any behind.

This is simply a great product it has a great smell and a great scrubbing power. It's granules are not too big or too abrasive and they dissolve at the perfect rate. The scrub cost 9,800 Won at $7.75 U.S. so not a bad price either for such a good product in such nice packaging. 5/5


Anonymous said...

really awesome!

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I did not know who had facial made from cocoa, it seems a very original idea and if that helps the skin, it will try to get it because I want a very smooth skin!

Anonymous said...

Hello! Does this scrub feels harsh on your skin?
I'm interested in this but not sure whether it's suitable for my sensitive skin..

Anonymous said...

I tried this scrab. It is harsh for my skin. I have irritation after use. I am searching through reviews to see if I can find something better for my skin. Any recommendations?

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