16 May 2009

Missha Hot Burning - Part 2 - Body Gel

Part two lets start off with packing information and directions.

Body shaping gel for streamlined body silhouette. Sounds nice....

Bitter Orange extract , caffein (I'm thinking caffeine?), menthol, and capsaicin. It gives you a cooling after effect and helps design your body line by adding elasticity to the skin with healing effect.

Apply an appropriate amount to dry areas to reduce cellulite and fatty deposit by massaging it in. (I edited it as it was Konglish) For a better effect use morning and night and exercise after applying. In summer if you want an increased cooling effect keep in refrigerated.

*skin redness may appear but this normal.

Volume 200 ml

My review:

So I used the body scrub and then dried off and waited like 15 minutes before applying this gel. I have to say I didn't feel the heat but it sure was cold, I was really cold. So I actually wrapped up in a blanket for a half hour before I got dressed I was that cold and it was 70 here today and I didn't have the air conditioner on.

I do think that would make it rather pleasant to wear it in the summer but today it was a little to much, I am hot natured so normally I don't really worry about the cold. I never really did feel hot, it was more of a warmth at times so it was pleasant and comfortable. So after the coldness went away I didn't mind the gel, I will say this was not enough to make me hate this product.

I wore the product all day and went out shopping, I was aware at times that I felt like I was sweating but I just brushed the thought off it wasn't that hot. Well I was sweating, as I discovered when I went home to change for bed. And it wasn't a little it was a lot, I had to wipe myself down. So that was a little gross but at the same time I know the product worked.

I give it 5/5 despite the coldness and the sweat, at 9,000 won it is about 7.20 U.S.

So the price is right the product appears to be working I will keep you updated about how it is going over time.


James Bond said...

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Inge Lakawa said...

use this and go walk for shopping O_O thats a nice idea!!

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