19 May 2009

Nature Republic - Soap Wort Water Selection

So I wanted to review a new makeup company that I stumbled upon on Friday, well in truth I stumbled upon two I'm just haven't tried any of the other companies products that I bought yet.

So I love cleansers but normally I stick to two or three and rotate between them. But my skin has changed since I moved here and it is a little drier now, yay! So I decided to try a cleansing cream which I have always been a little scared of the word cream. It just sounds nasty and thick, but to my surprise I loved this product.

It was so light and fluffy and so divinely scented that I forgot my fear of cream. Also avocado and lime was something that I miss eating so killing two birds with one stone. It was a life changing moment for me, I usually stick to my guns when I make a decision.

But boy am I glad I changed my mind this once. I rate it a 5/5 for cleaning power, lovely feeling skin, and lovely scent. It cost me 5,800 won or about 4.60 U.S. a lovely price to go with it.


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