03 May 2009

Missha Dual Eye Tip GR 01

I was shopping yesterday at the 2001 Outlet (also called Kim club) and noticed a store I had not shopped in before Missha. I liked their products as well as the price. One of my coworkers did tell me they maybe are going bankrupt but I'm not really sure.

This is an eyeliner and eyeshadow duo in a light green. A lot of companies in Korea are doing pastel colors for spring, I usually don't wear pastels but when in Rome.

And here are the swatches the darker color is the eyeliner the lighter the shadow.

I do wish the shadow was a little darker but everyone told me how beautiful this was when I wore it to work. I paid around 4,200 won for this so it was a steal at around $3.30 U.S.. The U.S. ones cost $10 each, what a price increase.


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