30 April 2009

Tony Moly Trio Eyeshadow # 3

I just adore the packaging on this. It's simple yet classic, with a beautiful ivy pattern printed on the lid. It has three colors a blue, silver and a white.
It is not an even split which I would have liked, or even the blue being the biggest part would have been better to me. But still I really like this eyeshadow trio.

As you can see the split is half the 2 quarters. I'm sorry I'm harping on this but the white is so light its a weird color to give the majority to. Also I really like the colors and they are a shimmery metallic. But they look much more vibrant in the package.

So when I got home I expected something that was going to be a night club item and got something I could actually wear to work. I can get it pop like I expected but I have to wet the colors and I don't always want to take the time to do that.

Pictures indoors using natural light


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