31 July 2009

Tony Moly -Bubble Foam Cleanser- Three pack

I love Tony Moly and it doesn't help that when I go grocery shopping I have to pass a small shop on the first floor to make it to the escalator to the grocery section on the second floor. I have an addiction I try to avoid shopping too much, I don't think I succeed.

But that's ok I admit I have a problem and I look beautiful while I do. Lol, anyways I love cleansers and I adore ones that bubble. Bubble cleansers are usually nice and fluffy. These met that important feature. I've only used the Honey one and I'm sending my sister the Rice one, he he. When I'm finished with the Honey I will move on to Blueberry. Sounds tasty.

I really think this is a great cleanser, I've not had any problems with any Tony Moly product, the packaging is always cute and they always give me tons of freebies. I rate it 5/5 I think I paid around 14,000 but I'm not sure I have had this for over a month I've just been busy with work and life to post.

UPDATE: The honey had a light and sweet scent, blueberry was very fruity and sweet smelling, and the rice is a rather neutral scent.


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